Frequently Asked Questions

Country Club Select® makes it easy to connect.

Country Club Select® is a private country club member’s golf paradise. Our goal is provide a connection with other like-minded golfers who can provide you the opportunity to play private courses all over North America. The Country Club Select® website was designed to make the process as simple, easy and enjoyable as possible. The following frequently asked questions act as a guide to help you through the Country Club Select® process.

How do I send a request (make a connection)?

Simply use the search bar to locate the club(s) you want to play. Once that club populates in the search bar, click on it and you will see a list of members who belong to that club. Click on the green MAKE A CONNECTION bar. On the next screen indicate the date you want to play and fill in your time preference (if any). Select the member(s) you want to play with by clicking the SELECT MEMBER box on their member card. Indicate if you would like to bring a guest and if the host can bring another member. Click CREATE CONNECTION REQUEST.

When I am registering my club isn’t appearing in the list of available clubs. How do I add my club?

Click on the CLUBS tab on MY HOME PAGE. From the dropdown menu click on REQUEST CLUB. On the next screen please complete all the fields (be careful to use the correct name for your club) and then click REQUEST CLUB at the bottom. Your request will be sent to the site administrator who will verify your club. You will be sent an email advising that the club has been verified and you can then complete the registration process.

How do I search for a club to play?

Click on the CLUBS tab on MY HOME PAGE. In the search bar type in the state, city, zip code or club name and the list will populate. On the right end of the search bar you can filter your search by any of the attributes in the drop down bar.

How do I change my profile?

On the MY HOME PAGE screen, on the right hand side, underneath your name is an EDIT PROFILE bar. Click on this bar and select any item from the menu you would like to change by clicking on it. Once you have made the change, click the SAVE button at the bottom and your profile is changed.

How do I accept a connection request?

When another member requests a connection with you, you will receive an email with a link that you can click on. In addition, on the MY HOME PAGE, screen there will be a message that indicates you have received a request. If you want to accept that request, simply click on ACCEPT REQUEST. Your acceptance will be sent back to the requester and the requester will confirm that you have accepted. He or She will most likely include a message with their confirmation. Once you receive that confirmation you simply click on ACCEPT one more time and your connection has been made and confirmed.

How do I send a message to my Connection?

On the MY HOME PAGE screen there are two tabs, REQUESTS and HOSTING. Depending on whether you are the host or the guest you will click on one of these tabs. Once you click on the tab you will see the date you are playing with the latest message between you and your connection next to it. Click on the VIEW DETAILS tab and you can you can type the subject of your message and the message itself in the indicated boxes. Click SEND and your message is sent.

Can I bring a guest(s) with me?

When you make your request, below the Member cards is a section called GROUP DETAILS. In this area you can select whether you are bringing a guest and how many guests.

How do I find out about the club’s dress code policy etc.?

There are two ways to do this. Most of the clubs on Country Club Select include a website address in the club details sections of that particular club. Simply click on VIEW DETAILS and you can access the club website from there. Additionally, you can message your host and ask them to send you the dress code, cell phone, club house rules and payment details.

How do I pay the guest fees at the course I am playing?

Most courses will allow you to pay your fee by credit card or signing a chit back to your home club. We recommend you discuss this with your host before arriving at the host club to avoid any payment issues.

I am so glad I signed up for Country Club Select, I’ve played some amazing courses and have met some great people.

Jim, St. Louis